Should I get car insurance?

Automobile Insurance Coverage What happens if you have a car accident? Nowadays, you cannot afford to go without auto insurance. While it may not appear so at the moment, thousands of people are uninsured. And it is not because they do not want insurance; they simply cannot afford it. If you own a car, you […]

How Long Do Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits Last?

Long-term disability insurance is a type of insurance that protects your income when you are unable to work due to a physical or mental disability. Unlike typical insurance products like life insurance that pays out a lump sum when a claim is made, or car accident insurance which pays if you are in a crash, […]

Life Insurance For Those That Smoke And Use Tobacco

Some people think that those who smoke and use tobacco can not qualify for any type of life insurance. That is not true. What happens is that their rates tend to be higher but they can in fact get life insurance. The reason their rates are so much higher is because  part of how the […]

Why You Need Life Insurance To Protect Your Family

If you should suddenly die, one of the best ways to protect your family is with life insurance. True, nobody likes to think about a premature death, but it happens every day. Just like nobody wants to think they will be in a car accident, but we need car insurance anyway. Life insurance is a […]

Medicare Supplement Quotes

For senior citizens, Medicare may not always be enough to cover their health care costs. Medicare supplement policies help provide coverage for copayments, coinsurance and deductibles, and thanks to convenient online quote generators, are easier to obtain than ever.Medicare supplement insurance, also known as Medigap insurance, are insurance products sold by private insurers. They can […]

Long Term Life Insurance Needs

When considering purchasing life insurance you should think about your long term life insurance needs. Some term life insurance policies need to be adjusted throughout your life as you needs change.  Keep this in mind when reviewing term life insurance rates. If you have young children your life insurance needs will be far different from when […]

Shopping for life insurance for seniors

Shopping for Life Insurance does not have to be difficult, but life insurance is important to protect your family. By using the proper tools individuals can quickly find the best insurance to fit a seniors needs. Seniors are consistently bombarded with different insurance agencies persuading them to join their plan. With all the different plans […]

Do I Really Need This Stinkin’ Funeral Insurance?

One question that I seem to get asked a lot from seniors is, “Do I really need funeral insurance?” Some of the even more skeptical out there go as far as to suggest it is just a big insurance scam. When confronted with this, my first response often is, “Have you ever been faced with […]

Do I Need A Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy?

The government is involved, so why in the world do I want one of these Medicare supplemental plans? They could not even do that Clash for Clunkers program right, but I’m supposed to trust them with my health insurance? Well let’s talk about it a little bit. We all know insurance is essential. Whether its […]

Buying Supplemental Health Insurance

When is the best time to purchase a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy? The best time to buy a Medigap plan is during their Open Enrollment. During Open Enrollment you cannot be turned down or charged more because of any pre-existing health conditions. If you are 65 or older, your Open Enrollment period begins when you […]